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You know me by now. I have already told you about myself. From being overweight all my life, I finally got it right when I turned 21.

My 21st birthday is truly a milestone. I have lost all the excess weight and I have kept it off since.  I have also lost something else along the way.  You know that guilt feeling that you get each time you eat? Well, I have lost that as well.

Losing that guilt feeling is another milestone because I can eat very well now. These are the valuable lessons I have learned and I want to share them with you here on my website, 021lsg.com.

If my weight loss story excites you, I don’t blame you. It should actually excite you. However before I get into the exciting details of my weight loss journey, let me make some things clear to you first. I want to tell you exactly what you will be expecting here on my website. It’s important that you know so that you can be a valuable visitor onsite.

This Is My Weight Loss Story

To start with, 021lsg.com is all about my weight loss journey. Let me make this clear. This is my website and it deals solely with my own weight loss story. So everything that’s tackled here is based on my own personal experiences on weight loss.

So please, don’t expect to learn about the other facets of my life because I’m not going to talk about anything else but my weight loss. Although, I will share some snippets of my very exciting life, I will just really focus on how I was able to have a very happy 21st birthday.

So if you are expecting anything else here on my website, please leave now. Furthermore, don’t even waste your time trying to bring up any other topic that’s not related to weight loss. You are just going to waste your time.

Now, if you are really interested in my weight loss story, stay. I have a lot to share and yes, I will be able to inspire you.

My Way Doesn’t Have To Be Your Way

When it comes to weight loss, everybody has his or her own story to share.  Each story is unique. There is always something to learn from each and every single story.

I spent almost 12 months of my life getting it right and I did. From being overweight, I transformed into someone who could eat, not feel guilty about it, and still lose weight. So I found a good way to do all that and you are welcome to learn all about it here.

However, I can’t guarantee you 100 % success. Keep in mind that my way doesn’t necessarily have to be your way. You can pick up a few tips and tricks here but it’s best you get with your doctor first to find out what safe options are available for you. Only a doctor can tell you that.

If you don’t agree with my ways of losing weight and letting go of the guilt, then it’s okay with me. I really don’t expect everybody to agree with my ways. After all, it’s not possible to please everybody. So if I can’t please you, just leave my website.

Respect My World

Coming up with a website to share the inner depths of my weight loss story is a very personal thing for me. I feel like I’m baring my soul.

You will have more than a glimpse of my life.  Given that, I expect that you respect my thoughts and ideas. I don’t mind constructive criticisms. As a matter of fact, I welcome them.

What I won’t tolerate here are comments and messages that have messages of hate and discrimination. Profanities will never be tolerated here as well.  Messages of hate and discrimination will be investigated further. Messages of hatred addressed to an individual or to a company will be turned over to proper authorities for proper investigation. .

I Will Support You Through And Through

I am on your side. I will support you through and through. You just have to be updated with all the changes that will take place here on my website. Keep on checking the updates so that you will be in the know. It’s best that you are aware of the proper way of using my website.