Why We Struggle To Lose Weight

struggling-to-lose-weight1Who isn’t struggling with weight loss? Just thinking about it is enough of a struggle for some. I’m sure you squirm at the idea of weight loss because I do. Even with just a couple of pounds to lose, the thought of dieting is painful.

But what’s even worse than the thought of losing weight is this; not being able to shed any pounds at all. That’s really frustrating. After dieting and all, the pounds aren’t dropping. Obviously, this has happened to me and I’m pretty sure it has happened to you too.  When it comes to losing weight, we, women, struggle way more than men.

Angeles Burke, a fitness and wellness director, cites five reasons why we struggle to lose weight.

We Don’t Eat Enough

We don’t eat enough? Sounds surreal but according to Burke, it happens. Some women resort to a low-calorie diet that’s created for everybody. These generic diets are the ones that are published in magazine or posted online. What happens is that these women don’t consider their own body type. They just get on a generic, low-calorie diet and end up depriving their body. So when they get out of that particular diet, they end up eating more. Unfortunately, they gain back the weight.

We Eat A Lot

According to Burke, women are attached emotionally to food. Such is the reason why we eat a lot. This makes sense. Let’s face it. We eat when we’re happy. We eat when we’re sad. And aside from shopping, eating is one of the things we do when we meet up with our girlfriends. We eat while we’re chatting. We eat when we need to. And unfortunately, we eat even if we don’t need to. The bottomline is that we love to eat. And I agree to that a hundred percent.That explains why we struggle a lot to lose weight.

We Have More Body Fat

This is the sad truth. We have more body fat than men. This is because we need the body fat during pregnancy.

According to sciencedaily,com, our body fat is six to eleven percent more than the body fat of men. Ouch!  The estrogen slows down our metabolism With a slow metabolism, we end up storing more fat in our body.  This makes us struggle with weight loss even more.

We Don’t Have Much Muscle Growth

Scientifically speaking, our bodies don’t produce enough testosterone. Hence, we have less muscle growth. So we have more body fat but than muscles. That puts us in a position to struggle with weight loss because muscles burn more calories than body fat.

We Don’t Watch The Calories

We don’t count the calories? Or we’re counting them wrong.  Here’s my personal opinion. I think we watch the calories. Calorie content is the first thing we think about  when we’re about to sink our teeth into a decadent chocolate cake.

We usually have a ballpark figure of the amount of calories there are in the food we eat. But sometimes we don’t really care (We still end up taking a bite of the decadent chocolate cake, right?) In some cases when we’re trying to limit our calorie intake, we’re just not counting the calories right. So what happens is that we end up gaining back the weight.

Now hold on. There are more reasons why we, women, struggle to lose weight. It’s not just the relationship we have with food, the body fat, the lack of muscle growth, and the blind eye to calories. This article cites more reasons why it’s so hard for us to lose weight.

Our Medicine Is Making Us Gain Weight

Some medications can be fattening. Antihistamines can make us feel lazy, preventing us from burning more calories. Some antidepressants can make us eat more.  Birth control pills, on the other hand, can add about five pounds to our weight.  Thanks to the estrogen in birth control pills, we end up retaining a lot of water in our body. Other medications that can make us fat are sleep aids, migraine meds, and steroids.

It’s In Our Genes

Oh no! This one is scary. Studies show that women who were overweight or obese while pregnant have more chances of delivering overweight babies. Unfortunately, there are more chances of overweight babies ending up as fat adults.  So if we’re struggling to lose weight right now, we may have to ask mom a couple of questions.

Our Workout Isn’t Enough Or We Don’t Workout At All

I guess this is common sense. We’re not exerting enough effort to exercise. Or even worse, we’re not exercising at all. Sometime it’s not enough that we take the stairs instead of the elevator. If we’re really serious about losing weight, we need to exercise everyday. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, we should be exercising everyday for an hour.  Furthermore, we shouldn’t just stick cardio exercises. We should add some aerobic exercises and strength training as well.

This can be challenging. It’s hard to exercise for an hour every single day. That’s not easy for me to do and I’m sure you feel the same way. But that shouldn’t derail our weight loss plans. Marisa Sherry, a registered dietitian, says we can try to spare 20 to 30 minutes of exercise everyday. That’s a lot better than not exercising at all.

We’re Not Sleeping Enough

Lack of sleep also makes us fat.  We end up eating just to keep ourselves awake. It happens all the time at work and even at home.

I have experienced this many times. Just to keep myself awake, I reach out for some candies (maybe even for some chocolates) to perk me up. Eating or munching seems to be the most convenient thing to do to wake up the mind and body. But of course, it’s not the wisest thing to do. According to researches, sleep deprivation increases the level of a stress hormone called cortisol. This in turn stimulates the appetite. So that explains why I’m always reaching out for food when I’m just too sleepy.

We’re Just Too Stressed Out

Stress, like sleep deprivation, is also fattening. When we’re stressed out, our body releases cortisol. By now, we all we end up eating a lot with this stress hormone.

There are definitely a lot of reasons why we struggle to lose weight. There might even be more reasons that I’m not aware of at the moment. But my point is that we should never make these reasons as excuses NOT to lose weight.

3 thoughts on “Why We Struggle To Lose Weight

  • We will always find reasons for weight gain because that’s the easiest thing to do. It’s probably a better alternative to just stop the blaming and look for safe ways to lose weight.

  • Stress makes me eat a lot. There’s just so much comfort in food when things go crazy. The stress hormone, cortisol, explains why I turn to food every time I’m all stressed out.

  • Hello Lisa. I want to let you know that I am enjoying your site. Your story is inspiring. To this day, I still feel guilty about eating. It’s a nasty feeling. I also want to learn to let go of the guilt but I know it’s not going to be an overnight thing for me. Your website is helping me a lot. I am learning how to eat right. Your list here is very helpful. I’m afraid I’m guilty of every single thing you have listed down here.. At least, now, I’m in the know. Thanks for helping me,

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